The dirty slut herpesha

SLUT RATING: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *....+ (shes the biggest slut in the world)
GOOF RATING: * * * * *
UGLY RATING: * * * * *
This girls teeth looks like shes been chewing fences... ! Covered in dirty shit...! She has herpes, as many of you already know. Yet she continues to spread her disease to every guy that will fuck her. Which means she has sex with 2 different guys every hour. Her boyfriend is just like her: ugly, a goof, and has herpes. She also has a weird blown birth defect around her eye, its nasty like her. And her hair is thin and falling out. She has fucked over 100 differnt guys, including 30 year old men (shes 18). Shes worthless, and makes me feel sick looking at her.

She has been beaten up 5 times in the last 3 monthes.


REAL QUOTES (not made up for entertainment, actual quote straight from her mouth!):

"I know i'm a slut"
"I guess I have that...herpes thing"
"Im from surrey"
"The first test came out positive... but the rest came out negative."
"I fucked haley findland, lee clarke, keith (I dont remember his name), goth cam, colin darnel, Dave, jeremy, fraser, aaron, chris, keel, rob ect."