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MC, DJ, Grafitti, bboy, Beatbox

GRAFFITI:  www.graffiticreator.net/    Here you can make your own graffiti tag
BEATBOX: http://thebox2.free.fr/beatbox.html  Remember they do it all acepela, lots of shit here to listen to
BREAKDANCING: http://aslmu.lmu.edu/breakdancing/  Sum VERY interesting shit goin down here, Peep it
Make beats: www.fruitloops.com Download this program and make your own beats. Its a bit confusing at first but you'll get the hang of it.
Pimp name generator: http://www.playerappreciate.com/pimphandle.asp  GO here, enter your name, and get your pimp name!
SEND CRACK COCAINE: http://www.virtualcrack.com/ FREE CRACK ITS TIGHT!

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